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You will need

Base coate, top coate, gold polish, brown polish and black nail art pen (or a toothpick)

Step 1:

Start of with applying a layer of base coat, then apply 2 thin coats of the gold nail polish.

Step 2:

Use the dark brown polish to add some dots to your nails.

Step 3:

Use the black nail art pen and draw some curved line around the brown dots.
The lines do not have to be perfect, thats whats going to make the print come to live.

Step 5:

To make the leopard print stand out more, use the black nail art pen again to draw some random dots and curved lines all over the nail.
But do not overdo it.

Step 6:

The final step is to let is dry and apply top coat.
And now you are done.

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Hope you enjoyed !

Good luck :)

    Kommentarer: 5    Postet: 03.03.2013   Klokken: 23:56   Kategori: Nail
Aksha   Postet: 05.03.2013  kl:19:26
S fint det ble!! Synd at jeg ikke har tlmodigheten til snt :P
theaunknown   Postet: 05.03.2013  kl:20:04
I really love the leopard nails! :)
MochaBeauty   Postet: 05.03.2013  kl:22:08
theaunknown: Thank you so much :) Hope you will follow our blog :)
MochaBeauty   Postet: 05.03.2013  kl:22:11
Aksha: Tusen takk, det tar deg ikke mer enn 10 min. Hper du forsetter med flge bloggen vr :)
Aksha   Postet: 05.03.2013  kl:23:18
Skal definitivt prve det ut ;)

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