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You will need:Base coate, top coate, red nail polish, green nail polish, yellow nail polish, black nail polish,
gold stripes or tape and a pair ofscissors

Step 1:

Apply base coat, and make one line with each color, except the black one.

Step 2:

Cut the gold stripes into 2 cm long pices. If you don't have a gold striper, you could use the tape and cut out small stripes.
It will work the same. Make sure that you cut about 3-4 pieces for each nail. It depends on your nail size.

Step 3:

Apply the pieces to your nails. Make sure they are even and straight. It's up to you how you want to make the design.

Step 4:

Apply the black nail polish all over the nail. - Over the stripes!

Step 5:

Pull of the gold stripes and apply top coat, and your design is done.
If the black polish gets removed, just fix it with the black nail polish. Use a toothpick or a thin black nail art brush.

If you didn't like this, you could always just use a black nail art brush to draw some lines to the reggae inspired print.

Hope you liked it, and that you will give it a try.
Let us know what you think in the comment bar below.

- Good Luck :)

    Kommentarer: 9    Postet: 07.03.2013   Klokken: 23:57   Kategori: Nail
Marthe   Postet: 08.03.2013  kl:02:14
cool! :D
Johanne   Postet: 08.03.2013  kl:02:30
, s kult! Spesielt for meg som elsker Bob Marley, haha
MochaBeauty   Postet: 08.03.2013  kl:06:58
Johanne: Tusen takk :) Flg med videre for flere designer.
Terese Svendsen   Postet: 08.03.2013  kl:09:44
S utrolig kult! Det m prves definitivt!
A N E T T E ;D   Postet: 08.03.2013  kl:10:16
Meget spesielt..
Anjala   Postet: 08.03.2013  kl:10:42
Drit kult jo :D
<3 xdhelenexd-KOMMENTERER ALLTID TILBAKE   Postet: 10.03.2013  kl:15:13
sykt kult !
inthemaking   Postet: 13.03.2013  kl:22:55
Trine-Lise **** VINN STORBYFERIE FOR 2 ****   Postet: 20.03.2013  kl:21:09
Vil du vinne en storbyferie for 2? :-) Delta i konkurransen vr da!

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